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I am passionate about finding ways to better the community that has raised and supported me. I am blessed to be able to call Hawaii my home, and I have grown a deep appreciation for the islands. I make it a personal mission of mine to preserve, uplift, and work toward seeing my Hawaii continue to flourish.


Through the 501(c)(3) non-profit that I founded, I've worked to organize a multitude of community service projects, events, workshops, and more in order to empower and uplift the women and girls within my community. Through my leadership in the Punahou JROTC program, I've worked to organize and participate in enterprises to support underrepresented and marginalized communities in Hawaii.


Read more about some of my projects here!

4-Step Leadership Program

One of the main facets of my non-profit organization, WeGo! is our 4-Step Leadership Program that I have developed. It implements a 4-step structure as its the core mechanism that WeGo! operates on, and is what ultimately drives my mission towards fostering strong and independent female leaders. This approach that I've personally developed, is meant to apply to ALL girls of all leadership styles, confidence levels, and starting points. Through my WeGo! Leadership Program, I have supported over 200 girls worldwide in starting over 50 personal projects driven by their passions. 


WeGo! Co-Leader Program

The WeGo! Co-Leader Program supplements our 4-step Leadership Program, enabling girls who took part in our leadership program, to form a central cohort in which they share their na`auao (wisdom) forward to help organize events aligned with the 4 steps in support of our new leaders. Over 30 girls have participated in this program and have worked with others globally to support a larger community and give back. 

International Reach

I've expanded my non-profit, WeGo! internationally by creating chapters in Tokyo and Osaka, two major cities in Japan as well as a chapter at Tohoku University which is currently ranked as the best university in Japan. Being a first generation Japanese American and raised by a Japanese immigrant mother, Japan has a special place in my heart. Through my mother and the over 80 Japanese exchange students that I've hosted since the age of 8, I have learned about the pressing gender inequality issues prevalent in Japan, which I have grown passionate about in helping solve. 

YWCA Donation Drive

In conjunction with the student organization, Goal Sixteen, we were able to collect over 350lbs of business attire clothing to support our local YWCA's Dress for Success initiative as they support women in our community find and receive financial stability and employment, and providing classes on workshop on career readiness, job interviews and applications. 

Entrepreneurship Workshop

WeGo! student leaders held entrepreneurship workshops at local public schools in our community in order to help teach girls how to start their own business, create a business pitch, consider profit, economic viability, sustainability, and more. Specifically, we helped girls around our state in preparing for the annual American Saving Bank's KeikiCo Contest held in Hawaii where students must create a business along with a business plan, pitch, and profit/finance calculations. We supported local girls through this process and helped them create their dream businesses. 

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